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The day we saw Laurence Fishburne

The day we saw Laurence Fishburne

We did some fun stuff on the last day of my trip to LA, however it all pales in comparison to the TWO star sightings we had. Instead, it will forever be known as the day that I saw Laurence Fishburne.

I have a complicated relationship with Mr Fishburne. I've seen The Matrix -- was disappointed to hear they're doing a remake, less than 20 years after it was originally released -- and many other projects he's been in, but he's always one of those people whose names I couldn't remember. But he has an extremely memorable face, and acts in things, so this was often a real issue.

But after this fateful day, I'll never forget again. 

Our location was the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), where we'd looked around several of the buildings of installations, and were heading back to the main entrance to leave. I remember fondly we were coming from a building dedicated to Japanese arts. 

We walked back across the courtyard...

And past a blossoming tree that I was genuinely quite taken for a moment with how beautiful it was.

And past the window of the cafe at the top of the ramp behind the aforementioned blossoming tree, and as I was casually staring in the window of the cafe, I spied Laurence Fishburne. Well, actually, my brain said "That man looks like that guy from the Matrix whose name you can never remember." 

So much did he look like him though, that I wanted to look up his name so I could exclaim it to my group.

As I had finished typing "Morpheus Matrix" into the search bar of my phone's browser, my friend Sam called out "I think that was Laurence Fishburne!"

My brain instantly twigged, and while I wanted to say "I thought that guy looked like Laurence Fishburne! I wanted to Google it because I can never remember his name, but you beat me to it! But I think it was him too!" What I actually said was just "Laurence Fishburne!!"

Pretty longwinded story for a rather underwhelming punchline, I think you'll agree.

Laurence was none-the-wiser of the sequence of events his fame and his face had set into motion though, as we'd kept walking past, and hadn't wanted to be awkward and stare and point. He did probably hear us walking away squealing like One Direction fans that we'd recognised him though.

If you thought that story was underwhelming, just let me tell you about how I didn't see Jonah Hill.

We popped to some shops on La Brea avenue that GQ had deemed Menswear Mile -- it's a few blocks max -- and as we were walking between two, headed for a props junkyard we'd spotted across the street, two guys crossed the street and walked past us. 

I was looking at the shopping bag one of them had in his hand, to see where else would be worth hitting along the way, but once they were past us, one of my friends turned to me and said that Jonah Hill had been the other guy, without a shopping bag in his hand. 

So there. My interest in menswear is now stopping me from seeing interesting things, like thin Jonah Hill wandering down the street. It's probably a good thing I didn't see him. I would've only been able to just scream "Steeeeevvveeeee Maddeeeeeennnnn" at him.

We got back, and as the sun was setting, Ashley, Ian and I decided to channel our inner Father John Misty and head to Hollywood Forever Cemetery, where a ton of famous people are buried, with no thought for the fact that it would be dark, and not lit by anything.

It was only three blocks from campus, so despite reports of somebody being robbed at gunpoint along the route we were walking, we headed to the cemetery. It was pitch black, so lo and behold, we could see nothing. 

But we did learn that Ashley's whole "spooky princess of darkness" schtick is all a rouse!! She wouldn't go near one of the big old tombs of dead people drawers.

Before we'd gone though, I'd spent some time photographing the sunset from the balcony of Emerson's LA campus. It probably should've given us the clue that it wasn't worth going to the cemetery, but when Ian's got to charge his phone, he's got to charge his phone -- otherwise he'd have a legitimate excuse for not responding to somebody.

This was my last night in LA, so this is my last LA blog post! I headed to the airport bright and early the next day to drive through rush hour traffic, which isn't much fun or recommended. 

Next stop, Boston for 24 hours, then Mexico City. Next time!

Now we're in Mexico City!

Now we're in Mexico City!

Good food, books, and plants. What more does one need?

Good food, books, and plants. What more does one need?