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We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you a video about menswear

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you a video about menswear

Sorry, I know we were chugging along with the Mexico City posts, but I wrapped up a cool project I've been working on that I needed an excuse to share with somebody. I'm not aloof enough about my work to share it on Facebook. 

In my little series of videos I'm working on for a class this semester, I've been documenting people around Boston who help make up the fabric of the local communities. I've accidentally focussed on the South End mainly, which was not my intention, but it's also Boston's coolest 'hood in my opinion, so I'm not upset about it.


I wanted to interview somebody about menswear, after I talked to a barber. It's no secret, but I am huge into menswear and style, so to get to talk to two of the coolest, most stylish, creative guys in Boston has been a real treat for me. If you didn't already watch my video with Tribe Barber, Van Capizzano, I'd love for you to take a peek at that too.

Philip Saul is the founder and owner of Sault NE, a menswear and lifestyle brand with a store in the South End, and one in Portsmouth New Hampshire. They also produce the coolest take on the New England aesthetic, and every trip to their store is a good time for me. It's a small but beautiful space, filled with good scents, timeless clothing items, and fun knick knacks to crave. 

I've been into menswear and style since my junior year of high school, when my friend Beau started getting me interested in GQ. Having a lot of time on my hands in North Carolina, I spent a good chunk of it reading GQ, and subsequently Esquire and other masculine style gospels. 

Flash forward to today, and most of my prized possessions are clothing items or accessories. I'm not proud of my materialism, and certainly don't prize it over quality experiences, but there's something about the beauty in the craftsmanship of a quality, timeless garment that really speaks to me. And if it's comfy, like this Donegal wool navy cardigan I'm currently lounging in as I write this, all the better.

I'd never claim to be super hip, and I'm not huge into specific designers or high end stuff. I'm more into how people wear items, and personal timeless style. Not so much the trends. But I like to think I can dress myself, and take a great deal of pride in doing it every day.

So it was a bit of a geeky moment for me to talk to one of, in my opinion, the coolest people in Boston. Still, I think I played it cool, and I had an awesome chat with Philip. His cat Toby also made quite a few appearances, although not in the video.

Oh, one more thing: Philip has a stunning home. Like, I mean astonishingly nice. In terms of aesthetic, it's funnily enough like if the guy who owned Sault NE decorated an apartment. The photos in this piece have been from his place, which he invited me to for the interview as it gets such great light - just one of the best parts about it. I would've lived in this man's well-stocked bathroom. 

If you want to see just how nice it was, take a gander at this Apartment Therapy piece on his pad.

So now that I've thoroughly proved my point that I'm nowhere near aloof enough to post about things I'm doing on Facebook, here's my interview with Philip.

We visited an awesome museum but the highlight of the day was food. Again.

We visited an awesome museum but the highlight of the day was food. Again.

Even on holiday, Lia can't stop marketing

Even on holiday, Lia can't stop marketing