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Playlist time: What I was listening to in June

Playlist time: What I was listening to in June

I'm really nailing this timely content.

This time I have no excuse either. I made my June playlist before May even ended, as I was so inspired by Boston Calling. It's been ready, I just haven't shared it. Oh well.

As I mentioned, there was a lot more rock on this one that I typically listen to. Thanks to a combination of some of the best acts Lia and I saw at Boston Calling being rock (Mitski, Car Seat Headrest, Mumford and Sons — don't hate) and Harry Styles' album, I was really grooving to a good old guitar riff or two.

I also got really into Fleetwood Mac this past month. I'd listened to Rumours a few times before and appreciated it, but there's something magical about an album as stacked with hits as that one. Kanye has a few in my opinion, but I like a little variety, and Dreams is a jam.

Some other highlights in my opinion: 

— Ten Tonnes is pretty unknown, but has a knack for a catchy hook. I threw a couple of his bops on there as he released a new single a the beginning of the month.

— I'll take any opportunity to listen to both Arctic Monkeys and Last Shadow Puppets, and a rock themed playlist was a very good opportunity (and subsequently Moonage Daydream. Bowie's the OG, but Last Shadow Puppets did a great cover at Glastonbury a year or so ago.)

— Making this playlist let me rediscover some of my favourite songs that I can listen to non-stop. Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand, Town Called Malice by The Jam, and I'm please to report that Harry's Meet Me In The Hallway has now been added to that list.

— I don't listen to Oasis typically, but after the Manchester bombing at Arianna Grande's concert, Don't Look Back In Anger was played a lot. It's a beautiful song regardless of the sentiment now tied to it, but it helped me feel a little more connected to the U.K. Maybe a touch hokey, but no less effective a means to show solidarity than changing the filter of my Facebook profile photo.

— There are a few Michael Kiwanuka tracks on here too, because Lia surprised me with tickets to see him in Boston just three days after Boston Calling! A lot of live music, but I'd been whining about wanting to go for months, only to discover tickets were sold out when I finally looked. She's a good boo.

Ok, enough from me. Here's the link so you can use your ears instead: 


Only one more playlist before we move to Seattle! It's less than a month now, which is terrifying. Now we're back from Asheville (more photos to come from the rest of that weekend) it's all systems go on readying the move. But we aren't doing too badly, because we put down a deposit on an apartment yesterday! Exciting times! Very relieved to have a place to call home, and even more excited to begin making it our home.

Asheville Day 2, or MTV Cribs: Gilded Age

Asheville Day 2, or MTV Cribs: Gilded Age

Why walk at graduation when you can walk around Asheville instead?

Why walk at graduation when you can walk around Asheville instead?