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Spec work for Harry's

Spec work for Harry's

Wanting to demonstrate my copywriting skills in the context of a brand I admire, I decided to put together some spec work for Harry’s, the men’s razor and care company. Harry’s was one of the first brands I fell in love with after moving to the USA, where the DTC model of caring, innovative companies was just beginning to gain traction following Warby Parker’s breakthrough. I wasn’t wearing glasses at the time, but I was shaving! With this passion in mind and a desire to test myself creatively, I crafted the following short form copy for various placements I’d observed utilized across their brand experience — emails, website, and display ads.


Subject lines:

  • Change is coming

  • Don’t delay. Your face will thank you.

  • Time for a clean break 

  • And now, for a smooth transition


Time for new blades


You should change your blade once every 6-8 shaves, so are you due for a fresh set? Our subscription services take all the thought out of ordering new ones… Just sayin’.



Homepage Lines


Display Ads

  • The last razor ad you'll ever need to read.

  • You: Wants excellent, reasonably priced razors. Us: That.

  • Higher quality for lower cost. Seriously.

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