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Snow, before it just becomes grey slush

Snow, before it just becomes grey slush

Today was Boston's first snow of 2017! Nothing to really get too stoked about as I'm sure we'll see plenty of winter storms before the light that is summer warmth once again graces the old brick streets, but nevertheless, there's something exciting about waking up and watching snow fall outside the window. I also welled up at a animated movie when a British silverback gorilla told his son he was proud of him.* I'm a child.

Rather than spend the morning in bed on my laptop as I had the previous couple of days, I bundled up and took my new camera lens (attached to the camera) out for its first spin around Boston. I thought I'd share a few of the photos on here rather than spamming Instagram with all of them.

I took a bit of an odd route, and headed from home to the Public Garden, as I realised I hadn't been in a while. It's one of my favourite spots in the city, and I knew it would look rather attractive all dusted in a healthy coating of the white stuff.

Made it without twisting an ankle on the slushy sidewalks!

There was a little snow plough whizzing around clearing the pathways in the Garden. I tried to snap a picture of him, but he kept running away from me.

I can't decide which of these three I prefer. Any preferences? I don't have comments turned on for these posts (because internet commenters are terrible people) so it'll be pretty tricky to tell me.

I ended up walking all over Beacon Hill, but despite it being one of the most photogenic neighbourhoods in the world, I didn't get many shots I liked. 

I did however find this little scene right at the end of Charles Street. I've been getting more into typography, and I love photographing cool logos and fonts. I suppose if you live with a graphic designer for so long she'll eventually start to break through your dense skull. Inside the box were pumpkins though. Lying box.

Then I headed into the Common, and tried to take some totally not creepy photos of people skating on the Frog Pond.

These bears have a STRONG sweater game.

It had been a while since I visited Comm Ave, a part of my daily commute last year, so took a slight detour on my way home to visit and dream of a time when I could afford to live in a brownstone. 

*The animated movie was Sing. And it was pretty good!

Inside the mind and workshop of Ian Schon, watchmaker, designer, and cycling punk

Inside the mind and workshop of Ian Schon, watchmaker, designer, and cycling punk

If music be the food of love, play on

If music be the food of love, play on