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Here are my favourite pieces I worked on at Boston magazine!

Here are my favourite pieces I worked on at Boston magazine!

One of the things I was most pleased with after my internship at Boston magazine in the fall of 2016 was the opportunity to spend some time working on quality, in depth stories. There are three that I'm most excited to share.

I had quite a wild Election Day for many reasons. On the morning of November 8th, I arrived at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum at about 7 a.m. to meet the new horticulturalist, Grace Coburn, and learn about her awesome job. I put together a video, a written piece, and a bunch of photos to tell this story: http://www.bostonmagazine.com/arts-entertainment/blog/2016/12/11/gardner-museum-horticulturist/

Later that same day, I schlepped all my gear with a couple of classmates to Norwood, MA to take a helicopter tour of Boston (that's a long story that I didn't write about). While I was there though, I'd pitched my editor at Boston magazine about another profile in the same "cool job" vein about the helicopter tour pilot. Needless to say, this piece has some pretty great photos. Boston's a pretty city: http://www.bostonmagazine.com/arts-entertainment/blog/2016/12/26/boston-helicopter-tour-pilot/

I got an email from my editor one morning while I was in the office which asked if I said that I'd lived in Hong Kong. This ended up in me being asked to write a 350 word travel piece about my favourite city in the world to be included in the print magazine's January travel package. Having just taken a travel writing class the previous semester, I was thrilled to be asked, and was determined to kill it -- even if I couldn't take original photography for this one. http://www.bostonmagazine.com/arts-entertainment/article/2017/01/08/nonstop-boston-hong-kong-travel-guide/

As those first three articles may have suggested, I did a lot of photography during my time at BoMag. This culminated in me getting invited along to the press tour of Eataly Boston to take photos for a preview piece for the site. This was easily the best performing piece I put together, even if it did have somebody else's name in the byline... http://www.bostonmagazine.com/restaurants/blog/2016/11/18/eataly-boston-photos/

I was especially proud as the lead image on the piece, of famous chef Mario battle wandering around through the aisles, came about as a result of me splitting from the main press group and exploring the space on my own. I was photographing some bacon (because duh) on the shelf in the chilled section, turned around, and there he was. I don't think it was the best photo I got from the day, but I think it was the most unique.

After I displayed so much interest in helping with food news pieces, the online food editor asked me to come with her on a couple of pieces she was writing to help take some photos. One of the pieces we did was at Flour Bakery's Allston headquarters, and while that one is still yet to see the light of day, this one at Aeronaut Brewing Co. (a local brewery in Somerville) about mobile canning company, Ironheart Canning, was one of my fondest experiences while at BoMag. http://www.bostonmagazine.com/restaurants/blog/2016/11/22/iron-heart-canning/

It was great being asked to work on things, but the majority of the internship was based on your ability to pitch your own articles. Anybody who didn't got stuck doing weekly event roundups. One of my favourite parts about writing is getting to learn from my interviews, so I try to pick subjects I'd be interested in. So I asked a bunch of Instagrammers in Boston how to take pretty pictures: http://www.bostonmagazine.com/arts-entertainment/blog/2016/09/29/fall-instagram-tips/

Another of my first pitches which was picked was for a local hard apple cider varieties roundup for fall. I ended up cropping the images (which I insisted on taking myself after traipsing around Boston to find all these varieties) poorly and one of the photo team had to redo it. But I got to keep all the bottles 😎. Happy birthday me! http://www.bostonmagazine.com/restaurants/blog/2016/09/22/new-england-hard-ciders-fall-2016/

This other one about hot chocolates went a little better though, even though I was bummed I didn't get to take all original photos for it. I was pleased with the ones I took though, even if they weren't necessarily the style of food photography I most enjoy. http://www.bostonmagazine.com/restaurants/blog/2016/11/03/best-hot-chocolate-boston-2016/

Funnily enough, the piece of mine which got the most traction (other than Eataly) online published early October, and featured frankly terrible photos that I did not take. But it was about apple cider doughnuts, and who doesn't love apple cider doughnuts? http://www.bostonmagazine.com/restaurants/blog/2016/10/11/apple-cider-doughnuts/

There were several other pieces I published to my name on their site, which are fairly easy to find by just searching my name in the search box on the right hand side of the homepage, but these were my personal highlights. I hope you enjoyed them too! I'm glad to finally have them all in one place.

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Coming to Boston in the near future? Have I got a guide for you...

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