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Wow, that Golden Globes really had a bit of everything

Wow, that Golden Globes really had a bit of everything

Let’s start with that kiss again, shall we?

Singularly the best moment of the 74th Annual Golden Globes occurred as one Canadian Ryan was hopping up the steps to receive his award for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy and another Canadian Ryan was planting one on the willing Andrew Garfield to his left as his wife applauded. We should all be so lucky.

Despite being hosted by Jimmy Fallon in a year when many of the movies up for awards were unusually restrained in their storytelling, a snooze fest the show was not. In fact, it really managed to have a little of everything in there.

Fallon brought the most enjoyable part of his entire professional persona, his bromance with Justin Timberlake, for a La La Land-themed opening waltz into the stars. Evan Rachel Wood won the red carpet with her stunning tuxedo, but was promptly decried for getting tuxedo-wearing credits that Janelle Monáe never got, because we can’t have nice things. Casey Affleck deservedly won Best Actor for his performance in Manchester by the Sea, but it felt pretty icky because we haven’t quite figured out that whole art vs artist conversation yet. 

Donald Glover continued his roll into 2017, winning Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy tv show, Best Musical or Comedy tv show for Atlanta, and then best suit from GQ. There were some cute kid moments courtesy of Cute Kid Moments Machine, the cast of Stranger Things, and the little dude from Lion. And there was even a little white saviourism in an awards speech, just for old time’s sake, from the artist formerly known as one half of Hiddleswift — though I won’t lie, The Night Manager is now my top binge watch priority. Leonardo DiCaprio even took time to stop having sex with models and show his face! How nice.

Amy Adams was snubbed, an award-bait movie broke award records, and everyone left on a good note as social justice prevailed, and Moonlight justifiably won best picture. But of course, the moment still being talked about the next morning, unsurprisingly, was that Meryl Streep did a thing.

Not only was the audience treated to a Meryl speech, but a doozy of a Meryl speech. Through a hoarse voice she managed to pack numerous valid critiques of the incoming presidential administration, some laughs, and a little nod to the late Carrie Fisher into a six minute acceptance of her lifetime achievement award.

Here's the full speech:

The added bonus was proving yet again that Trump can be baited into scornfully tweeting by the merest mention of facts that go against his revisionist version of reality, and that the mainstream media will continue to do the same thing that they have done up until this point in their coverage of Trump — neglect to mention anywhere in their headlines that what he says is a lie.

The night wasn’t about him though. In fact, it was one of the few things in the cannon of America that actually doesn’t have to be about him at all. So I shan’t make it, and instead, allow you to relive some of the night’s highlights on Twitter. As with all big awards shows, the live responses from people online were truly the stars of the show.

And my personal highlight of the night? This Steve Carrell and Kristen Wiig bit. 

I'm legitimately excited for Yung Pope so people need to step off.

And one good Chrissy Teigen tweet, just for good measure. 

Did I miss anything? This year’s Golden Globes really did have a bit of everything! To anybody who says they jut don't make them like they use to. Well.

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