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Back on my Brimfield

Back on my Brimfield

Hello all. This is my first spare second since I last posted, and for some reason I'm listening to the Glee soundtrack as I type this. Seattle's changed me already.

Interesting music choices aside though, Seattle is beginning to feel like... I'm not sure home is the right word, but our residence. The apartment move in went smoothly enough, and we're slowly beginning to fill it with things. So far we have a couch, a dresser, a bedside table, a bookcase, a bed, and Lia's trusty trunk — only a little worse for wear after its cross country voyage.

There's been a lot of lifting of heavy objects as one should expect when your significant other weighs just 100lbs, and my body is covered in bruises from corners of units that wouldn't cooperate. And just when I thought I couldn't hate anything more than Ikea furniture, Target came through with the most aggravating bookcase in the world. 

To be honest I've felt very unmotivated recently in terms of personal content, hence the lack of posting. I haven't found myself massively inspired despite the plethora of new things to see and stimulate me creatively. I think it's been all the rushing around and the apartment being in a mess and the joblessness that occupies my every spare thought. The combination doesn't exactly make for a thriving creative mind. We also don't have AC in the apartment during Seattle's longest rainless period on record, so home hasn't been too comfortable of an environment either.

On the bright side, we're already sussing out the food scene in our neighborhood, and it is goooood.

However as we're now in the apartment and looking to resume some semblance of normal life as soon as possible, I'm breaking my post-less streak by belatedly uploading some of the last photos I have from Boston to share. Specifically, from Brimfield, Massachusetts. Let's get these out the way, and then I can share some of my new home.

Lia and I had wanted to go to the Brimfield Antique Fair for ages. It's a biannual vintage market that is really the only reason to go to Brimfield. The entire town's economy is practically vintage stores. But for a few days a year it turns into one of the hottest spots to shop for cool shit.


After Jake masterfully navigated us through a terrifyingly torrential storm, we arrived to Brimfield very overdressed. It was hot. The storm we'd driven through was supposed to hit Brimfield and ruin our day — instead it avoided the town, leaving it a sweltering, humid mess of cars, tents, and collectors. 

There was so much stuff, and Lia and I coveted so much of it. Specifically, she really wanted some old window panes with logos printed on them. I wanted some vintage suitcases because I thought they looked cool. None of these things were practical for us to fit in Jake's Mini for the return trip, or our suitcases to travel across the country just a few weeks later. 

I settled on a coyote skull, which I affectionately named "Nigel," and swore I'd keep him safe on our transcontinental trip. I gave him to Lia to look after. I also bought a bandana to keep the sun off my neck, otherwise I would've also left with a terrible sunburn.

Lia also wanted this cat, called Mystic, that seemed to be running a stall. It also wouldn't have been a practical purchase.

We were disappointed we couldn't get more stuff, but we were so happy that we got to go to the market. So shoutout once again to Jake and Katie for being down for an adventure, and driving to it. We also all went to Providence, Rhode Island — another place Lia and I had been wanting to go to for years — before we left the East Coast, and I just finished editing those photos. So that is also to come, along with Lia and I's trip to Maine with her mum!

I'll have both of those up this week.

Oh! And Nigel made it to Seattle.

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