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Frank Ocean does it again. A belated March playlist.

Frank Ocean does it again. A belated March playlist.

Back to back playlists posts coming at you! Let's get up to date. 

While I primarily do make these playlists for myself, I committed to sharing them each month, and I've been slacking. Now that I have more free time and a steady stream of content to share, I should probably get this staple down to a timely tee.

I haven't shared my March songs yet, so I'll start with them. 

March River Flows: https://itunes.apple.com/us/playlist/march-river-flows/pl.u-NpXmbbmsmlx2erW

I spent most of the month listening to Frank Ocean's cover of Moon River if we're completely honest. But that was until Anderson .Paak provided the song for the Apple HomePod commercial.  Then all I did was listen to that.

I also learned that his song, Suede is on iTunes, and I'd never been able to find it before, so was thrilled to finally be able to add that to my library. It was playing at work the other day over the speakers until somebody realized and switched it off. For the better lol

I opened this one with James Blake's Vincent though, not just because I'm a sad boy, but because it tied in nicely with the early theme in the playlist of hauntingly beautiful covers of older songs done by incredibly modern and talented artists. It's a heartbreaking song, and James Blake covering it makes it... well... more heartbreaking.

I discovered Cautious Clay in March, and his music grew and grew on me. Knowing now what I do, his sound is kind of like a hype Moses Sumney. Not particularly hype, but Moses Sumney is so extremely mellow. Cautious Clay's Cold War is one of my favs so far this year, so listen for that one.

SZA's feature on Morning View was great to be able to hear new music from her, and a great reminder of how good and versatile her voice is.

On the subject of Frank's cover of Moon River, GQ's Style Guy Mark Anthony Green said on a podcast that he'd like to hear Frank cover Sometimes It Snows In April, which I'd never listened to before, so I threw some Prince in to get myself cultured.

Janelle Monae's first song from her new album dropped, and Django Jane is searingly good. So good that people have been comparing her newest work to Prince, which is a high compliment, but now that I'm cultured and familiar with Prince, I can agree and say it's an apt comparison. 

I went back and re-listened to the Arctic Monkey's album I've historically given the least love to, Suck It And See, and fell in love with the guitars on some of the songs. Revisiting older stuff from my library encouraged me to dig up The Fratellis' Costello Music, which hasn't really aged a day. I was simultaneously jamming out and remembering being in the car on the way to school almost a decade ago. 

April coming up soon. Brb.

A photo of various forms of Seattle public transit, and some tunes

A photo of various forms of Seattle public transit, and some tunes

Pair of Hohs in the Rainforest

Pair of Hohs in the Rainforest