Welcome to my blog. Much like the rest of my life, it's still a work in progress, but you're very welcome to take a look around. I hope you like what you see and read. And if you don't... That's why the comments are disabled. 

Some personal news (and a playlist)

Some personal news (and a playlist)

Firstly, some personal news. I put in my two weeks at Edelman almost two weeks ago, so that means I'm almost done at Edelman. 

It was genuinely a great experience, but I was offered something amazing.

A friend of mine I did a lot of TV stuff with in college, Mike Cantalupo, got a gig as a YouTube sports channel host out of college, and they're expanding to a soccer channel too. So I'm going to be the face of that. It's going to be called Starting XI and I'm so excited to share it and get it started. I'm feeling so good about it. 

Writing soccer listicles and making semi-serious newscasts a few times a week from the comfort of my own home just sounds like a dream I couldn't pass up, no matter if it may sound a slightly less sure path than the desk job I was working toward. But I think it's going to be a lot more fulfilling. I've also already been doing it for a month simultaneously and I'm exhausted.

I also got offered a part time gig at the store I've been taking a plant internship at on Sundays (a self aware "lol"), Glasswing. Getting paid to get out of the apartment, stick my hands in some dirt and spend time in a beautiful store a couple of times a week sounded awesome. Even with the two, I'm still going to be working less hours than I presently am at Edelman, and I'll be less knackered when I finish at the end of my days... And most importantly I'll still be making a little more than I am now!!!!

More importantly still I'll be able to work on my Mac for a living instead of a PC. Big win.

I'm also going to have the chance to keep up with this blog for starters, read more, play soccer at the park, watch shows, do photography, write, cook, listen to music, podcasts, pickup other freelance projects, and yes, play FIFA. 

Basically just have a life again. And I'll get my evenings back too as I won't be having to work through them anymore to balance everything. The biggest adjustment is going to be not defining my worth by my productivity as I'll mentally be cutting back. What will I do with my days to make them matter!?!?!

Edelman gave me a chance to experience so much in such a short experience of time, and I'm really grateful to have had the experience even if I ultimately decided it wasn't appealing enough for me to choose it over another awesome opportunity. But it'll always be there, and I have a lot of ideas for ways I could gladly contribute which I'd happily revisit.

One of the things I've been doing this week as I wrap up: I was finally making a playlist for someone who I offered to at work, and in the middle of making this mega thing, I learned Cautious Clay had released a full EP. I'd only heard two songs by him before. This dude's music is so good, and I'm excited to see him reach a wider audience. His album was so good I was inspired to finally sit down and write this monthly playlist blog post. I was so committed to doing it earlier this month, I swear. I had it on my to-do list and all. Oh well.

I'm going to get the next one out quicker now I'll have more time. The title of next month's playlist, to go with the theme of my new adventure, is May You Enjoy Your Future Endeavors, but I wasn't feeling as inspired on the naming front last month, so this one's just March River Flows

It started with Moon River, and idk I just tried to come up with something from that.

Anyway Frank's cover of Moon River is the second song on there because I wanted to listen to it all the time. Same with Anderson .Paak's single, which is just gorgeous. And James Blake's Vincent too.

Then my man Cautious Clay. Nuff said. I loved SZA's feature on Morning View just because it was new music from her and I'm surprised how consistently I've been into Khalid, but the dude's got a great voice. 

I've got some throwbacks on there too — Prince mainly because I was listening to the GQ podcast Corporate Lunch and they had Mark Anthony Green, the Style Guy on to chat, and he said he would love to hear a Frank cover of Sometimes It Snows In April after Moon River. Joke's on Prince. Snow in April is no longer a rarity in our climate change times.

Speaking of Prince, GQ called Janelle Monae the new Prince. And I'm inclined to agree. I'm so so excited for her album to come out, and Leon Bridges too. And James Bay!

And then a couple more throwbacks of an Arctic Monkey's album I've been feeling recently and the Fratellis, who I loved growing up. 


I'm so ready for this new chapter to start. I'm genuinely excited about my work, Lia and I have been booking travel (even the idea of adventures is invigorating), and the weather has been getting really nice. 

Twilight Road Trip!

Twilight Road Trip!

Songs to pull you through winter

Songs to pull you through winter